Homeowner Monthly And Yearly Checklist

Homeowner Monthly And Yearly Checklist


· Test and clean/dust smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

· Test GFCI/GFI receptacle/breaker and outlets

· Inspect garbage disposal for blockage; clean with ice and vinegar

· Check grout/caulking in the tile surrounding wet areas (showers, sinks, tubs; repair as needed)

Spring and Fall Maintenance:

· Replace/clean heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) air return filters

· Clean gutters, downspouts, and roof eaves to remove leaves and debris

· Check connection between dryer and vent exhaust; repair as needed

· Check washing machine hoses and connections for cracks and leaks; repair or replace as necessary per manufacturer

· Have an HVAC professional inspect and calibrate your heating and cooling system (start of heating and cooling season)

· Assess all exterior paint and caulk; repair as needed

· Inspect and maintain the flow of all swales, and culvert and drainage inlets and outlets; Insepct for erosion; repair as necessary

· Program thermostat for cooling and heating for reduced energy usage

· Before the first freeze, disconnect exterior hoses and devices from hose bibs; if possible, shut off water to bib and drain

· Check range hood charcoal filter, replace/clean as necessary; repair as needed

· Check caulk seal between countertops, walls; repair as needed

· Check, and adjust as necessary, thresholds, door sweeps, and weatherstripping on exterior doors, to maintain air tightness

· Oil all moving parts and tighten nuts and bolts on garage door(s) and tracks; chack garage door opener(s) and sensors

· Check dryer vent exhaust for lint blockage; clean as needed

· Thoroughly check showers and wet areas for mildew


· Verify HVAC condensate drain is flowing freely while air conditioner is running

· Verify the float switch or overflow pan on second-floor air handling unit is clear and obstructions and functioning properly

· Verify main water cutoff valve is accessible and functioning properly

· Check caulk around fireplace facing and repair as needed

· Inspect roof for loose or missing shingles or flashing

· Clear/clean weep holes in brick siding

· Have a trained professional flush tankless water heater

· Professionally drain and flush out hot water heater and verify that pressure relief valve is working (carefully follow manufacturer’s instructions)


· During extreme cold, leave indoor faucets located exterior walls dripping to prevent pipe freezing or sink furthest from hot water heater

· Insulate exterior water service lines during a hard freeze